Wedding shoot in the Château of Pont Royal | Provence

Getting ready in a luxurious Hotel Moulin de Vernègues

Audrey & Julien’s civil ceremony would take place in the town hall of the peaceful seaside town of Carry le Rouet.

The wedding took place at the luxurious Hotel of Moulin de Vernegues, near Mallemort in the South of France. The site was genuinely amazing, the architecture being something never seen before, a mix of old stone walls with massive wooden pillars across the ceilings in some rooms and in others the combination of shining stainless steel supports with glass walls overlooking the stunning property, most of it used for golfing. This is where french couple Julien & Audrey where to get married, and what a beautiful day it would be.

Julien wearing a pristine dark blue suit completed with a gold silk tie and his grandfather’s old pocket watch, tucked in his blazer pocket for class, he looked nothing short of royal, and his soon to be wife, Audrey was dressed in a magnificent white dress, created specially for the occasion.

After getting ready in Moulin de Vernegues, Audrey & Julien went to the magnificent Chateau Pont Royal.

The couple arrived in a golf cart for the ceremony,which was a secular one, but was nonetheless an emotional one and concluded by the Husband & Wife’s kiss to announce the end of the ceremony and the beginning of the cocktail, where the local wine would be served and everyone could get the opportunity to talk and enjoy themselves. After this, Audrey & Julien wanted to wander these beautiful premises and spend some time together, this was really lovely to see.

Dinner would take place in the massive dining room and once the cake had been cut, and enjoyed by everyone, it was time to party. The sound system was turned up and a place was cleared so everyone could have enough space to dance. This was a great sight to see and everyone had a fantastic evening, especially Audrey & Julien.

Exquisite wedding !