Landscape of Pampelonne beach near st tropez with wood and sand

Wedding shoot on the beach | St Tropez | French Riviera

From Courchevel to Pampelonne

After the wedding ceremony, and the wedding itself, Emilie and Arnaud wanted to have their photos taken once more. In St Tropez again, but this time a Married couple, and facing the magnificent blue Mediterranean sea under the shimmering October sun. Instead of strolling through the old town of St Tropez, known for its charm and stunning Provencal beauty, they would walk along the beaches still dressed in their wedding clothes. This idea was mine, and both bride and groom absolutely loved walking along the golden sand beaches, always with a smile. The location we chose is perfect for passionate photos, The beautiful French Riviera really makes the couple stand out in front of the stunning Provence background.

Originally, I chose this place before the wedding for many reasons, the gorgeous summery feel, the weather and its location. It is the perfect place ! The famous Pampelonne beach or perhaps some of the popular bars and restaurants like the « Club  55 » or the « Nikki Beach Restaurant ». It’s also surrounded by wonderful little villages, like Ramatuelle which is pretty much situated right in front of the sea.

The idea of walking on the beach, through the sand and seawater, still dressed for the wedding is a concept called « trash the dress ».  It’s a lot of fun getting pictures of a genuinely happy couple walking through the sand and water together having a nice time. This idea worked very well because due to the time of month (October) the beaches were empty. This gave me some very classy photos of them with no other human activity in the background, making the photos pure and streamlined, therefore making them a greater pleasure to view.

The best place to be