Wedding Bridal Inspiration Lie Dil | Aix-en-Provence

A sparkling, elegant and refined event

In January 2015, Aurelie Dillon installed her workshop Lie Dil in an ancient sowing mill, in the historic Belcodene hotel, near the cour Sextius. The 1st of October 2015 was the opening ceremony, a superb occasion showing off  her creations, organized by the masterful hands of Sylvie Bedini from the  Instant agency. A beautiful atmosphere : old pink, gold and white with a profusion of partners as talented and friendly as Aurelie herself:

The graphic designer and illustrator Beryl Chaidron imagined and drew the invitations for Lie Dil’s opening. Afterwards in with collaboration with the Bilboquet workshop the boxes and fliers were printed onto elegant paper, with a sublime bronze finish… the mix of art and publicity combined to start an unforgettable day !

Floral creations, a sky of feathers, magnificent objects… La Fabrique d’Etoiles Filantes really put the Hotel Belcodene into the limelight, with an outdoor ambiance that was like a fairytale.

A chic bohemian party, lit up by GNB events, filmed and photographed by Provence Wedding Photography. Look at the video.

Many other partners fond of Aurelie where at the venue and participated in the success of the day: The very pretty models, Alex Cerr, Mathilde, Océane Martinez, Justine Berthoud, Estelle Pierre, Margaux Joly, Amandine Lantelme, Lanna and Léa, who made the robes look sublime; the jewellery creators My Little Bijoux and Mars’elle who bought the final touch on each one of them; Pimentine for the lingerie that was personalized and tailored; Nera Orchell for the shoes, also personalized and tailored; L’instant Cocoon, Mademoiselle Coiffe, were the hairdressers and Barock’Art, Elora Maquillage Artistique,the makeup artists who work on very diverse styles – romantic, retro or surprising – ; Flowers By R designer floral for the fabulous bouquets; Bodard studio Photographie; L’orchestra Shoeshiners, the delicious gourmet treats from Shanty Biscuits who also did personalized biscuits, Louis Patissier et Chocola’thé for the fine patisseries, Romarin Vert Catering and Vineyard Tour Campanets preserved; without forgetting the bikers for their exceptional input, Julien Debeauquenne and Libres Agathe for their Lindy Hop!

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