Lovely English Wedding | Blanche Fleur | Provence

Well handled by Weddings of Excellence in Provence

Blanche-Fleur is a typical wedding venue in Provence. Surrounded by a vineyard, crossed by an arm of the Sorgues river, this house is amazing. I love to work all around the region to make portraits of brides and grooms, catching the moods of Provence and its particular magical  light.

Sweet couple Audrey & Joe wanted to have their wedding in a beautiful picturesque place , surrounded by lovely green countryside and forest.

The big day started with getting ready. In one room, Audrey was getting ready with her closest friends, this included expert makeup and hair and a magnificent silk dress to go with her beauty. In another room Joe was also getting his smart clothes on, which was a grainy grey suit with marine blue bow tie. I thought they both looked very chic for their wedding and the guests would have the chance to see them soon.

The ceremony was held outside under a shelter and here all the guests were installed on classy vintage white chairs to listen to the voice of « a young man » who was to read for the soon to be husband and wife. When the time came the ring was slowly pushed onto Audrey’s finger by Joe and the kiss was kissed, they were finally together, bound by marriage !

After the ceremony everyone was served with refreshing drinks. Everyone was relaxing and talking and the good mood inspired me to take some pictures of the guests, all kind and smiling to the camera as I snapped them on the green grass under the shade of the tall oak trees.

When the day drew to a close, everyone was led to tables which had been set on the pebbles on the back side of the Domaine. Here the guests would be treated to fine food and once the dinner was over a series of speeches were read by friends and family. For the dessert a French traditional “piece montée” was brought out for everyone to enjoy accompanied with small patisseries.

It was now dark and time to dance, first the married couple where to dance romantically around the room in front of the guests before everyone paired up and danced along with them. A calm ending to a picture perfect wedding, thank you Audrey and Joe !

Stephanie Fayolle, wedding planner in Provence with her agency Weddings of Excellence in Provence, with whom I now work regularly for her clients getting married in Provence, asked me to make something to promote our works.

I’m fond of sounds and music. Sometimes, during a wedding coverage, I record ambient sounds. This gives another dimension to the pictures. So, I’ve made a short video with my pictures to present my work in an original way. Enjoy !

Relaxation, good mood, celebration in an authentic provencal bastide, alongside the Sorgues River