Stylish american Wedding in Bastide de Marie | Luberon

Family time in a provencal way of life !

The amazing Kelly and Christophe were looking for the perfect place that would be a beautiful to get married and also to baptize their recent baby, Sage. Provence is a stunning place, but there are not many places quite like the Bastide Marie. Known for its vast vine fields and fabulous wine combined with the old antique style, it was the perfect place for the couple to spend their special day together with their guests.

It was a beautiful day, and to make the most of it a picnic took place on the green gardens just in front of the Bastide, offering everyone a nice view over the distant Luberon and the vines. The Bastides wine was served with the food and everyones good mood resulted in a dance before the couple had to leave and get ready for the ceremony. Both Kelly and Christophe had been planning for months what outfit they would wear and it was finally time to show off their fashion. Christophe looking elegant in his suit and Kelly looking just as fancy as him in her simple white dress.

When it was time for the Ceremony the guests, which consisted of direct family and best friends where sat opposite the Bastide facing the vines, this time placed in front of two cypress trees, both side by side. It was very symbolic and certainly romantic.

After the Ceremony, Sage was to be baptized, she was very well behaved throughout and everyone cooed over her cuteness.

Now married, Kelly and Christophe wanted some time alone to mark this moment, and for this they decided to walk around the magnificent Bastide and by the vines.

At dinner, a live band played for the guests as they ate. After this a series of speeches where pronounced and this was entertaining for everyone. Once the cake had been eaten the party started, where the band played songs into the early morning and everyone danced and laughed.

Wedding ceremony and baptism celebration in the heart of nature…so peaceful !