Luxury Wedding Shoot in Provence | South of France

One of the luxury wedding shoot covered in Blanche Fleur, this amazing venue of Provence.

Nickels and Ingrid had their wedding in Blanche Fleur in Provence, south of France. They are one passionate and in love French-German couple.

The reportage of this special day started with getting ready as I do for every wedding I photograph. Ingrid was helped by her friends for the dress and Nickels, in a other room, was also helped by his best man for the dressing up. I liked his suit with Nickels’s name on it. So classy !

The groom and the bride both were so proud to wear Louboutin shoes. So we did not forget to do some shots showing these famous red soles.

The wedding had these vintage style and Boheme chic with a vintage decoration like the photo booth hanging in the trees, the lavenders which releases this good smell of Provence. All was arranged very carefully by Elodie and her team. Elodie is the main coordinator of wedding planning and event agency Label Emotion.

It was a laic ceremony in which it was held outside and where guests could make speeches. There was an amazing arch in which the couple were getting married. The ceremony was filled with joy, tears and love, a beautiful and unforgettable day for the couple .

After that the rings slowly pushed onto Ingrid’s finger by Nickels, everyone was relaxing and getting served with refreshing drinks .

It finished with a family portrait in which everyone was first standing normally and then standing in funny positions, the couple and their children were also taken in photo as well as the guests . I’m fond of family portraits and I’m used to take these photos at home. It is very important for me to take families in photo. I’m deeply attached to the transmission and the value of the family.  Just have a look at my website to discover the soul of my passion :

There also were polaroids available in order to take pictures or selfies and a large and long table that stood in the courtyard.

When the day went to its end, everyone was led to the wonderful big and long table that was well decorated with flowers, candles, crystal glasses and olive oil offered to guests. Then, All the guests were taking fun at the party and releases their good mood : everybody were dancing, talking, laughing and taking selfies. It was a party full of atmosphere that I love to photograph.

I really enjoy to take these pictures of this luxury wedding.

And congratulations to this sweet couple !