Inspiring Wedding shoot | Provence | South of France

The provencal way of life

Manon and Mathieu’s wedding took place in the gorgeous little village of Berre l’Etang in the South of France. Here both the civil and religious ceremonies took place.

I arrived early enough that morning to capture the gentle rays of the sunshine seeping through the luscious greenery at the family estate. The house was peaceful and only the chatter of a few ladies busying themselves with make-up and preparations could be heard throughout the rooms. All was calm and the promise of an exciting day could be felt around the beautiful wedding gown which awaited the future bride. The moment of preparation remained quiet and peaceful. The future bride and groom seemed to be savoring these magical moments where they were dressing to look their best for each other.

Stillness reigned in their beautiful home and I felt privileged to be present there, a witness to their love and commitments. They both looked amazing! Mathieu wore his black ML suit and Manon wore her pristine white wedding dress.

After the preparations they made their way to the village, greeted by smart looking friends and family. They were lead to the town hall where the mayor announced their wedding as official. With teary eyes, Mathieu signed the register and the next stop was the chapel.

The chapel in Berre is very impressive with high ceilings and it was packed full of guests for this occasion. When the kiss came everyone jumped to their feet and applauded, the papers where signed and the newlyweds left the chapel into a rain of confetti.

The rest of the day was spent at their countryside estate, where I captured pictures of them alone, in the beautiful country fields and down by the bank of a small river. This was a real opportunity to capture their sudden surge of love now that they were married. After this the cocktail took place, and for the occasion an antique ice cream stand had been rented and this added a touch of magic! After the dinner the party took place in a nearby field, where a stage had been set up for a live band, which played excellent Jazz followed by a series of professional dancers. It was quite a show and to top off the evening there were some improvised theatre sketches and some solo dances.

Rain of confetti, jazz band, professional dancers … so lively and yet so peaceful and inspiring !