Engagement shoot of a chinese couple in Provence

The fabulous fields of Valensole

Chinese couple Jinging and Kalung both wanted a real taste of the French countryside and its cosy villages as well. The perfect place for these was the scenic village of Valensole, with over 300 days of sunshine a year it’s one of the most sought after places besides the coast in the south of France. Its plateau consists of 12,700 hectares and is one of the largest municipalities in France. Nicknamed « the breadbasket of the region”, the plateau of 800 km2 is essentially devoted to the cultivation of lavender and cereals.

Before, in the XIX century, this small French village cultivated almonds and was one of the prime producers in its era; back then all of its labor was done by hand by the towns women. A single tree could produce 35kg of almonds a season.

First I gave the couple a tour of the charming little village of Valensole, which has the typical provencal style, with old stone paved streets and the traditional old stone brick walls, all greeting the eye with a light brown earthy feel, very warm, very Provence.

Next was the famous lavender fields which surround the village of Valensole, here I captured the couple alone in this colorful landscape and it was really quite amazing, lavender as far as the eye can see, and the smell…. it was indescribable. A very romantic scene, combined with the symmetry of the fields which gave it all a sense of organized love and passion, which perfectly embodied this couple.

Last on the list to visit was the Sunflower fields, best for last. Here the color was explosive and both Jingjing and Kalung loved it ! They both loved it so much they ran through the field hand in hand with the huge warm sunset in the background.

What do you prefer : lavender fields or sunflower fields ?