Charming Wedding in Aix-en-Provence | South of France

Franco-American Union under Provence sun

Soon to be husband and wife, Keri & Olivier chose the familiar town of Aix-en-Provence for their big day, It had been 20 years since Keri had lived in this part of France, originally from Salt Lake City in the United States, but she loved it so much that it was the perfect location. Being the largest city in the department of the Bouches-du-Rhone after Marseille, it is situated in the heart of provence, surrounded by vast green pine forests and the famous Mt St Victoire, it is a place rich in culture and history.

The preparations for the wedding gave me an opportunity to capture both Olivier’s and Keri’s mood before their big day and to resume it in a word it was happy ! With broad smiles across their faces as they dressed up for their ceremony. Olivier in a classy grey suit and Keri in a simple but elegant white dress, they both looked splendid.

The religious ceremony took place in a little church in the street « Rue de la Masse », this is where the american community held most of their prayers in the town and was the perfect place for it. After the lecture, a series of songs where performed by a small bunch of talented young artists, which really lightened the atmosphere. It was a wedding full of faith.

After the church, guests were invited to the couples house for lunch and a refreshing dip in her pool for those who wanted it, because it was a scorching hot day ! For lunch, a traditional north African dish was served, called a « mechoui » which consisted of a whole lamb (in this case three whole lambs) rotating in the heat of a fire, it was delicious and everyone loved it. After the food, a small choreography was put together by one of the bridesmaid which consisted of dancing and singing, this entertained everyone under beautiful Provence sun.

Spiritual and emotional wedding !