Brazilian Wedding party in Bastide de Marie | Luberon

Peace, love, lights, colors, movement !

When I was asked to photograph the marriage of the lovely Brazilian couple Fernanda and Rafael in the Luberon, my mind jumped to the Luberon. The Luberon is beautiful, the peaceful atmosphere given off by the nature and lovely people around me is really shown in my pictures. Huge grey rocks surrounded by green vines that have not yet fruited and small olive trees here and there dotted around private propreties. And in the centre of all this sits the wonderful where lies the property  Bastide de Marie, an elegant bastide in authentic provence’s heart, which is part of a Sibuet branch,  in Menerbes, south of France.

The hotels interior is consisted of a mix of really cool rustic furniture collected from the world famous Village Isle sur la Sorgue, known for its “Brocantes“ (flea markets) where most of the furniture was bought. and an old fashioned design and architecture that really gives the place a homely feel. Each room is individually decorated and just makes it feel even more like home.

The wedding took place outside, under the superb May sunshine, in front of us lies the green hills and behind us the little hotel. The emotions where flowing and this gave me some very passionate photos of both bride and groom. After the ceremony, we where treated to a glass of white wine under the shade of the Grand Bastide where we then ate dinner listening to an excellent Jazz duo.  But what was a calm and very dosy atmosphere soon changed when the sun dropped behind the hills and the wine from the Domaine de Marie was bought out. The DJ started playing dance music and soon everyone was dancing ! Lights, colors, movement and a lot of happiness can be seen through these photos.

What a way to celebrate, but more importantly what a way to end the magnificent wedding of Fernanda and Raphael. I had a great time photographing these people, they managed to bring the Brazilian vibe to provence which resulted in a very exciting and overall great day !

So good vibes !